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Motor insurance is a free impartial online guide and comprehensive directory of UK Insurance companies which offer online quotes, applications and cover for motor insurance to UK car owners.

About the online Motor Insurance Directory
Motor Insurance in the United Kingdom is compulsory for all classes of road vehicle covered by the Road Traffic Act, and consequently nearly all the major insurance companies are now offering immediate driver cover on the Internet. 

Because Insurance is a virtual product by nature, this makes it one of the most natural and easy things to sell via the Internet. 
This area of online sales now rates second only to direct telesales as a means of distributing motor insurance and is becoming increasingly popular with the public as a method of obtaining cover for all types of vehicle. 

Why Cheaper Motor Insurance?
Motor-Insurance.org.uk lists in the motor insurance directory every major online motor insurer and many of the smaller players thoughout Britain and the UK.In such a competitive market with over 18 million cars in the UK it pays to shop around. Try some of the direct insurers and compare their prices to the online brokers or motor insurance comparison portals. 

Most motor insurers are offering big discounts for purchasing online which can vary from company to company and over time, with different marketing campaigns.

Motor Insurers are able to offer cheaper motor insurance because you enter the vehicle and driver data for them. This cuts the insurers staffing costs in rekeying details, as they would have to over the phone in a call centre, cuts delivery costs and delay in issuing insurance documents, and in the long term makes the policy more managable and cheaper to produce.