Classic Cars Quote

Classic Cars Quote

Cars of Heritage

For many, owning and driving a classic car is a life long dream. Classic cars may be used to participate in rallies, track days and other special events which can, in the worst case, turn dreams into nightmares.

We understand that owners need to have the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their car insurance policy provides cover for all such activities and that if the worst should happen the high cost of repair will be fully met. You made an important choice in selecting your collectable cars. Now you need to make just as an important choice in your insurance.

Standard Motor Insurance Won’t Do

Classic cars are now sought after and are valuable possessions. Their owners take pride in these cars and the traditions of motoring excellence which they represent. As a result of past experience certain Insurers have come to realise that there is a special market for Classic Cars insurance, and have prepared cover accordingly.

Your car is assessed according to its value, in the first instance, along with its age, and the number of miles you expect to drive during that year. Most classic car owners have some other form of transport for everyday use, and can restrict the mileage of their pride and joy, even to as low as 1,500 miles per year. All these factors are taken into account by the Insurers. Classic car insurance is one of a variety of niche motoring markets which cater for.

Classic car Insurance