Standard UK Car Insurance

If you live in a good postcode area for car theft, are an older driver, have no convictions, do not drive a modified car with a large engine and do not use your car for business then we recommend that you try our car insurance providers listed on the right under car insurance quotes.

Conditions for obtaining an online car insurance quote:
You will be asked to confirm the following regarding your car and motor insurance : 

About your Motor Vehicle
It is not a commercial vehicle / pick up and is kept overnight at your home postcode address. 
Your car is not used for private hire, competitions or rallies. 
Your car or vehicle is not a Q plate or import and has not been modified in any way. 

About your Claims history
You wil be asked to confirm the following regarding your No claims bonus:
Your NCD has been earned in the UK from a private car policy and is not being used on another vehicle. 
Your earned bonus is no more than 2 years old at the time you wish the policy to start.
If you are a young driver with no earned no claims bonus click here

About yourself
You will be asked to confirm the following regarding yourself or your spouse and partner if they drive the vehicle:
That you are the owner and registered keeper of the vehicle.
You have a full or provisional UK driving licence.
None of the proposed drivers have a disability or medical conditionwhich may affect your / their driving None of the proposed drivers have any non-motoring convictions.
None of the proposed drivers have ever been refused or had special terms imposed on previous insurance policies by another car insurer.
All the proposed drivers have been continually resident in the UK for the past 3 years.

Most online car insurance companies can only quote you if you fit the conditions above, however if your car insurance needs do not fit the standard model then please check out our car insurance types in the left column for the best premium rates and coverage.